Social Media

3rd 9 weeks

  1. Print 2 photos on photo paper -- Add a placard in Photoshop inside a graphic frame (seach frame in Google) with the lines "Photo by Name, Class, and rough Date"; print one photo in photoshop full page and one by right clicking the file, go to print, and choose 2 photos that are 5x7.
  2. All About Me Brochure
  3. Resume Assignments

4th 9 weeks

  1. Magazine Cover
  2. Outside Photography - Take outside portrait photographs in a variety of poses and frames. Think senior photos. Keep Rule #1 in mind at all times. Edit your photos in photoshop. Most photos can be made better by tweaking the levels at a minimum. Place your best 10 photos in a folder on Student Apps/ Computer Tech. Photos and folder should contain the photographers name and the word outside, such as johndoe_outsidephotos (1).jpg. Also place them on your photoshop web page.
  3. Produce a two sided graduation invitation featuring at least two "senior picture" quality photos of yourself. Include the what, where, when info at a minimum. Design the invite to be slightly smaller than 5" X 7" so it will fit in a 5X7 envelope. Each page should contain two copies. Print front and back to turn in (print on color printer m553 - go to setup at bottom/preferences/finishing/print on both sides). Cut out one invite to turn in, keep the other. Place a copy of both pages as a pdf on your Indesign web page.
  4. Pick out your two favorite Outside Photos you took and put a watermark on it stating the name of your photography business. Print them as 5X7 on one sheet of photo paper.