Employment Opportunities

Job Openings

1. High School History

2. Softball Coach

3. Elementary Secretary

4. Elementary Paraprofessional

5. Cafeteria Clerk

6. Custodian

7. EAST Facilitator

Why work for Sloan-Hendrix?

Welcome to Sloan-Hendrix School District, a community-driven educational haven located in the charming town of Imboden, Arkansas. As we actively seek dedicated professionals to join our team, explore the unique opportunities that come with working at Sloan-Hendrix and living in this picturesque part of the Natural State.

Why Choose Sloan-Hendrix School District?

  1. Community Engagement: Imboden is more than just a location; it's a close-knit community that takes pride in its traditions and welcomes newcomers with open arms. Working at Sloan-Hendrix means becoming an integral part of a community that values collaboration, support, and a shared commitment to education.

  2. Quality of Life: Imboden offers a high quality of life, blending the tranquility of rural living with the convenience of modern amenities. The cost of living is reasonable, providing a comfortable lifestyle in a community that appreciates the balance between work and leisure.

  3. Educational Excellence: At Sloan-Hendrix School District, education is at the forefront of our mission. Join a team of passionate educators dedicated to providing an exceptional learning experience for students. Here, you'll have the chance to make a meaningful impact on the lives of young minds and contribute to the academic success of our students.

  4. Modern Facilities and Resources: Elevate your teaching experience with access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources. Sloan-Hendrix School District is committed to providing educators with the tools they need to succeed, creating an environment that fosters innovation and ensures a dynamic learning experience for both students and staff.

  5. Professional Growth Opportunities: Your career at Sloan-Hendrix is a journey of continuous growth. We invest in the professional development of our staff, offering ongoing opportunities to enhance skills, stay informed about educational advancements, and advance your career in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Staff members at Sloan-Hendrix posing with props in front of a Christmas Tree

Why visit Imboden, Arkansas?

Nestled in the heart of Lawrence County, Imboden, Arkansas, is more than just a location – it's a community that invites you to experience a life enriched by natural beauty, strong community bonds, family values, and an affordable yet fulfilling lifestyle. Discover why Imboden is the perfect place to call home:

Scenic Beauty and Outdoor Recreation: Imboden is a haven for nature enthusiasts, surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes that define Arkansas. Embrace the tranquility of the outdoors with hiking trails that meander through picturesque hills, fishing in the clear waters of nearby rivers, and exploring charming parks that offer a perfect escape. The town's natural beauty creates a serene backdrop, providing a refreshing balance between the demands of work and the rejuvenation found in nature.

Community Spirit: Imboden thrives on the spirit of togetherness, creating a community that feels like family. Engage in the heartwarming events, festivals, and gatherings that define the town's social calendar. Whether it's supporting local initiatives, celebrating cultural events, or attending community festivals, Imboden offers an environment where every resident contributes to and benefits from the shared sense of belonging.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Imboden is more than just a place; it's a community that places a premium on family values. The commitment to education within the community creates a nurturing environment for families. With family-oriented activities, a supportive school district, and a sense of security, Imboden is an ideal place to raise children. Here, the neighbors become extended family, ensuring that each child grows up surrounded by care, encouragement, and opportunity.

Affordable Living: Experience the ease of life without financial stress in Imboden. The town offers an affordable lifestyle without compromising on quality. From cozy homes to local amenities, the cost of living in Imboden makes it possible to enjoy life's simple pleasures without breaking the bank. This financial freedom allows residents to invest in their well-being, experiences, and the community, fostering a sense of security and contentment.